About Research

The Environmental Research Center at Duke Kunshan University is an independent research institution that integrates research and educational programs on environmental science and policy. 

The research center provides a hub for faculty to engage in interdisciplinary and policy-relevant research in China and beyond; it facilitates collaborations with faculty and researchers at Chinese universities, businesses operating in China, policy-makers, and non-governmental organizations. The research center also serves as a hub for innovative student research projects that are collaborative, vertically integrated, problem-focused, and multidisciplinary.


The research center is in close collaboration with the Nicholas School of the Environment, Sanford School of Public Policy, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, and Energy Initiative at Duke. The joint research endeavor highlights a number of emerging areas of increasing importance in China and could serve as focal points for integrating research, teaching, and practice at Duke Kunshan, such as climate policy, water-energy nexus, and health impacts of air pollution.