Internships are opportunities for students to develop their professional network, apply their knowledge of environmental policy into real-world practice and accumulate work experience. iMEP students are encouraged and supported to take a summer internship after the first academic year.  The internship should be a full-time position for at least ten weeks. Students usually work on the internship from early May to mid-August. The internship can be in China, in the U.S. or in other countries around the world. After completing proper registration process, non-Chinese citizens can take an internship within China legally. An ideal internship will provide students the opportunity to:

  • Work on a real policy project (or part of a project)
  • Experience the work environment in an organization (government/private sector/think tank/NGO).
  • Learn or practice professional skills
  • Establish networks

Students can also choose to continue their internship work and develop it into their Master’s Project. The experiences gained from the internship can be beneficial at different levels. Students could discover a new industry, a new employment opportunity or a new research interest.