Financial Aid

All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on their Graduate School application – no additional application is required to be considered for these awards.

Green Future Fund

Green Future Fund was established by Ms. Ma Lin in 2018, an important supporter of the iMEP program at Duke Kunshan.

Ma Lin and Duke Kunshan University share a vision of achieving a sustainable future by educating the next generation of environmental leaders; producing evidence-based, influential research; and cultivating socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs.

The mission of the Green Future Fund is to provide dedicated financial support for Duke Kunshan University in contributing to a sustainable future in China and beyond.

Bayeco Environment Fellowship

Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp (Bayeco) established the first fellowship program to support the international Master of Environmental Policy program (iMEP) at Duke Kunshan University. The establishment of Bayeco Environment Fellowship will attract more talents with global vision and focus towards environmental challenges to enroll and study at the iMEP program. The fellowship will create more opportunities for students to experience the global and innovative education model at Duke Kunshan, and help to educate the next generation of environmental leaders for China and the world.

Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp (Bayeco), is one of the leading clean tech companies in China, specialized in VOCs abatement, low NOx combustion, and PM2.5 treatment technology. Bayeco is dedicated to providing complete environmental solutions for petrochemical industries and industrial enterprises. Bayeco establishes the first National Environmental Protection Engineering Center for VOC Control, which is endorsed and co-administered by Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP).

Fubon Scholarship

Fubon Scholarship was created by Fubon Group, an early supporter of the iMEP program at Duke Kunshan. The scholarship aspires to groom innovative, skilled agents of change, who can offer workable, highly impactful solutions for addressing the world’s most pressing environmental dilemmas, and creating a profound, lasting impact on environmental sustainability.

Originated in 1961 when Fubon Insurance was founded, Fubon Group offers the most comprehensive financial services in Taiwan, and is also involved in property development, telecommunications and media services, the cultural and creative sector, and charitable activities.